Monday, April 30, 2012

So You Want to be an Artist 2012 - Finalists!

So the drawn-out, dirty, no-holds-barred, street-fighting, world of social networks did their thing and the 12 finalists are set. It was a bit wonky to follow, but that just added to the nail-biting and exciting finish. Some came out early with big support, then suddenly others caught up and passed them in votes. Finalists - please write in and tell us about how you marketed your work: Facebook? Mum and Dad calling everyone? Special Interest Groups? Celebrity Endorsements? One finalist we know did all those things. We like the democracy of facebook voting, BUT, so many good pieces were left behind. ALL the entries deserve to have been seen by the judges. May we suggest for next year two streams? One for the crowd to vote on, and a separate one just to let the experts do their thing. Congratulations you twelve! See em here

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  1. OOPS - Not so fast - Life Lived is now gone and replaced by Portrait of Humanity. Hope it stabilizes soon.