Saturday, April 17, 2010

Surrey White Rock Art Society Art Scholarship 2009

Naomi White is the inaugural winner of the Surrey White Rock Art Society sponsored Emily Carr Entrance Scholarship. ECUAD's Winter 2009 edition of the Visions publication included the very fine work above. Congratulations Naomi!

Fine Print: Since the publication is winter 2009, and this is before the 2010 application deadline, we assume that Naomi is last year's winner, was in grade 12 last year and the work above is part of her grade 12 egg and not done at Emily. Enough hand-wringing. Enjoy the art!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

high contrast

this work was done last school year as part of a grade 10 project at Sacred Heart High School in Walkerton, Ontario (so the artist must be in grade 11 this year, right?). the project was to take an image, manipulate it on a computer, then paint it. Ms George's own example is very cool, but you have to go to their super blog to see it...

Kater's Creations

here are two of Kater's several corsets that she has created for her grad portfolio. one takes recycling to a new level and the other one is perfectly impervious to airport scanners. Others are made of candy and, um, rubber thingies. very imaginative stuff, even if there's no washing machine setting for them.

Monday, April 5, 2010

No Canadian Visual Art?

no image to post from the annual Scholastic Art and Writing awards because there are no Canadian winners for visual art. we suspect it is because this long running contest (over 80 years!) is almost unknown in Canada.

but congratulations to Jesse Shulman for winning a silver medal in the science fiction/fantasy category in writing. Jesse is the only Canadian winner in any category. (Jesse, contact us to tell about your experience.)

if you are in grade 7 to 12 next year, check out well before December. if you are considering an art school in the USA, some serious scholarships may come your way.