Thursday, November 18, 2010


The deadline for entries is coming up fast - December 3 for both the Schools' Prize and the Sculpture Prize. Get your school's teacher to set it up NOW!

This is Erica Phillips' Entry from Collingwood School in West Van. Its a sorta tattoo mermaid totem pole thingy and pretty cool.

There are currently only three other Canadian Schools entered. Get cracking.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Apple for Teacher

MinaE from Vancouver posted this beautiful,creepy drawing called "An Apple For The Teacher" Just in time for us to post for Halloween.


Gloves Fly

We just love this photo with all the action and movement. The sticks fly too.

The caption: "In the dying seconds the boys have done it, down 2 game to 0 they have overcome all odds."

Anonymous from Wilcox, found in

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Paperclips atop the world's largest cyclotron

Ali Lambert was the local favourite after a photowalk at TRIUMPH near UBC. Another TRIUMPH entry won the international competition for photographers who applied to visit the worlds' cyclotrons.

From Flicker...

Photographer: Ali Lambert
Laboratory: TRIUMF

This image won first place in TRIUMF's local competition. Atop the world's largest cyclotron at TRIUMF, paperclips experience some fringe magnetic field and stand upright, dancing atop the table's surface. High-school student Ali Lambert artfully captured this iconic experience of all visitors to TRIUMF.

Which high school? Does anyone know?

Flickr wants us to link back to them, so not knowing what that means, here's the link...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lost and Found Autumn 2010

We at CanadaSchool aren't the most organized. We found these great images but lost track of their origin.

The robot sculpture came from Woodstock Collegiate Institute in Ontario. Some quick Googling reveals the school's art archive, but then we got lazy and couldn't find the original image.

The spooky painting had a California reference, so it might not be Canadian. Nonetheless, its so cool it qualifies as honourary status.

If you know anything about them, get in touch with us.

My Rights vs Yours

The moustache - what a great symbol!

Hannah has an interesting story about her experience with authority imposing its will over display of her art. Some thought her piece was too insensitive to display outside of art class, and maybe so. It culminated with a protest at her school in which the students wore fake moustaches in solidarity with her. This happened about a year ago, so the time for a repeat protest is drawing near.

Although USA based, what happened to Hannah is something that will happen to all artists at some point. Its great that she had that experience and even greater that she shared and sparked a movement. The whole creative arts slamming into the issue of rights vs responsibilities thing.

Lets do the protest again this year? Someone pick a day. Like on some significant INTERNATIONAL free speech day or the first school-day after.

Message to Hannah - get in touch with us for an update. We assume you are still in high school, but as we are Canadian, we have no idea what sophomore means or what comes after!

Her side of the story...!/group.php?gid=216180135931&v=info

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Top OCAD Entrance Scholarship Winner 2010

Congratulations to Maxwell Hyett of Kingston, Ontario. He walked into OCAD with the top entrance scholarship waiting for him. This is according to the article in the Kingston Whig-Standard...

His experience goes to show how important portfolio day can be.

Photo of Max credit goes to Christine Blais of the Kingston Whig-Standard.

A quick perusal of the Canadian entries at yielded these two images. We liked iwrotehaiku's "Originality is Lost in the Wash" washing machines because they look like giant cameras all lined up. Ama Indeewari's style is so strong and the colours to bright that we couldn't resist bloggin this piece "Leisure". Both these artists have a few more posted and are worth seeing. has much more - writing, opinion, reviews, and program guides. Check it out.

Friday, July 16, 2010

ECUAD - NEW Teen Programs in Art + Design

From the Emily Carr site, the above image has no attribution for either photographer or sketcher. Too bad. Nonetheless, we hear the studends are totally enjoying this year's running of the summer institute for teens.

And some good news from their site:

"Starting in the fall of 2010, Continuing Studies will be offering new and exciting workshops for students aged 15 - 18. Whether you are looking for opportunities to develop your portfolio, find out more about studying art or design at the post-secondary level, or just a chance to experiment with new materials and make new friends, there's a workshop for you this fall at Emily Carr. Click to find out more!"

And the link is...

Friday, June 25, 2010


Here's some Canadian entries to the Saatchi Gallery / Sunday Telegraph Art Prize for Schools from the UK.

The top one is a collaborative effort by multiple students from Windsor Ontario's Riverside Secondary School. Cool!

The other is from Alison Davis who is at Bernice MacNaughton High School in Moncton, New Brunswick. Her colourful untitled car is done in acrylic on a 24 x 30 panel.

Enter your work soon at

The deadline is coming fast in early August.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

What are you waiting for?

These hands are saying "Here's the details. Be there."

The painting is one of a series of multi-cultural tattoos done by Erica Phillips and are symbolic of her commitment to art. The graphics by staffer Ms Barb Labounta were perfectly to the point.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

West Van Grad Show Part 5

One of our several favourites from the show, Ms Sevan Agopian made "Eternal Blessing" to explore faith, hope and eternity. It is made with oil stick and encaustic collage on wood panels, and is relatively small with each panel about 8 inches square.

We are not proud here at CanadaSchool - we had to look up what "encaustic" meant. It means using pigmented wax as a medium; apparently an ancient technique. It can be used like paint when wet, manipulated when semi-solid, or carved and cut when hard.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

West Van Grad Show Part 4

Ashley Ruby Szarkowicz produced this colourful jar-dropper called "Beyond the Blueprint". She plans to continue with photography after she graduates and sell prints like this one.

Erica Phillips did these two acrylics as part of a larger series of portraits of self and friends sporting symbolic tattoos. She appeared in earlier blog posts as acire2 but has outed herself to attend ECUAD this fall.

West Van Grad Show Part 3

Zora Sauerteig's "Doom" comic book cover was a fun piece. Any art that references the father of microbiology is alright with us. Hopefully Zora will have time while at ECUAD to finish the whole book by her publish date of November 2010. In the meantime we love the certainty of that future exchange rate.

Nikki Koo's spooky "Well" is suitably paired with the "Doom" piece here. Such an effective use of white pencil and those lonely bottles of white-out just lying around in office desks everywhere. Her talent will help her next year while at art school in New York.

There is a faint image of CanadaSchool's crappy photographer marring "Well" plus a reflection of a bit of the piece on the opposite wall. Maybe someone else should take the photos? We have a summer intern position opening up, so send in your CV!

Aside: For a fun intro to the first fathers of microbiology check out

West Van Grad Show Part 2

These two very large pieces were at the back of the crowded room, but both yelled out for attention immediately.

The stark fist in Melissa An's "Ownership" grips a female body made of collaged fashion images. The background mixes up stylized female forms like mannequins jumbled together but ready to be used as a commodity. The further back the viewer stands, the more depth this work exhibits.

Sam Beck's "Bob" had everyone talking about technique. We bet there was a run on duct tape tonight as all who saw this piece wanted to try it out as a medium. Click on the image to see the tape close up. A teacher (from another school) sagely noted that "Imagine handling all that tape... Sam made it sound too easy... I bet it was quite a difficult process", so congrats to Sam for such an arresting graphic piece.

West Van Grad Show Part 1

The 2010 Grad Show for West Vancouver students opened tonight at the Ferry Building at Ambleside Beach. There is some super-nice work there, and all could go on to art school, but not all have chosen to do so.

Above is detail from Laurisse Elodie Noel's "A Peaceful Need" done in India Ink on Paper. A ton of detail, yet lots of room to let the ink flow. Laurisse has a very easy and natural hand with the brush. We liked the very detailed symbol decoration - very much like ancient runes. Whatever you go on to do, Laurisse, please keep the art up!

(Sorry about the image quality - our Canon XTi is soon to be done for. Could someone loan us a new 5D? )

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Exultation in Exhalation

Here's a cool piece by a Grade 12ver going into graphic design next year - either Chapman or Bates. The piece is called Exhaling out in Colour.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Surrey White Rock Art Society Art Scholarship 2009

Naomi White is the inaugural winner of the Surrey White Rock Art Society sponsored Emily Carr Entrance Scholarship. ECUAD's Winter 2009 edition of the Visions publication included the very fine work above. Congratulations Naomi!

Fine Print: Since the publication is winter 2009, and this is before the 2010 application deadline, we assume that Naomi is last year's winner, was in grade 12 last year and the work above is part of her grade 12 egg and not done at Emily. Enough hand-wringing. Enjoy the art!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

high contrast

this work was done last school year as part of a grade 10 project at Sacred Heart High School in Walkerton, Ontario (so the artist must be in grade 11 this year, right?). the project was to take an image, manipulate it on a computer, then paint it. Ms George's own example is very cool, but you have to go to their super blog to see it...

Kater's Creations

here are two of Kater's several corsets that she has created for her grad portfolio. one takes recycling to a new level and the other one is perfectly impervious to airport scanners. Others are made of candy and, um, rubber thingies. very imaginative stuff, even if there's no washing machine setting for them.

Monday, April 5, 2010

No Canadian Visual Art?

no image to post from the annual Scholastic Art and Writing awards because there are no Canadian winners for visual art. we suspect it is because this long running contest (over 80 years!) is almost unknown in Canada.

but congratulations to Jesse Shulman for winning a silver medal in the science fiction/fantasy category in writing. Jesse is the only Canadian winner in any category. (Jesse, contact us to tell about your experience.)

if you are in grade 7 to 12 next year, check out well before December. if you are considering an art school in the USA, some serious scholarships may come your way.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Spirit of Unity Show Opening Night part 6

More big inkjet on acetate prints of some excellent photography in this series called "Separate Grounds".

Soraiya Salemohamed took the top three of cherished subjects.

Hana Turner used Elvis to show her love for music in the photo on the bottom left.

Alexandra Crone's artist statement tells how she pulled most of her family together to participate and in doing so, heard some new stories.

Sadly, its not clear to us to which artist the middle print belongs! Sometimes we are a bit slow. Maybe this ambiguity is intentional?

The Spirit of Unity Show Opening Night part 5

These two sets of works contrast in a big way. The softness of the babe and the piercing look of the eyes...

Joyce Yang Song did these three sweet paintings of her baby sister. They are strong in a graphicky way, have a street-art-sprayed look to the facial features, and are very fine in the decorative part of the head - look closely!

Detail of the eyes from Erica Phillips' contribution has very fine images of people in the iris and elsewhere - again, look closely. If only we could learn to focus a camera better.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Spirit of Unity Show Opening Night part 4

Linda Jeong's "Where are you from?" at the top was done in acrylic on illustration board. What we thought were collage body parts are actually painted in very fine detail (maybe one or two are collaged eyeballs or lips?) This one has to be seen in person as, again, our photo barely captures its power.

Jia Seung's Consensus uses a shocked self portrait to get her message across that unity doesn't preclude the individual. Its done in mixed media and a detail image appeared in part 1 of this series.

The Spirit of Unity Show Opening Night part 3

Another favourite from the show: Kate Holley's "A Poem for Us" written out and arranged by line in button art. Excuse the poor photograph we took - this piece, as they say, "popped". Thankfully she wrote the poem in a more traditional manner as her artist statement - we used it as a form of training wheels to go back to the buttons and have another look. The detail image shows how some of the text is very inventively portrayed.

The Spirit of Unity Show Opening Night part 2

These large scale inkjet on acetate photo prints were done by students from Mulgrave School and collectively were called "Separate Grounds".

They hang loose from clips fastened to the wall and project themselves on the wall behind from the display lights. It gives them a 3D quality that immediately caught our eye across the room. All of the "Separate Grounds" photos at the show just grabbed our attention the same way.

MC De Beer did the ones at the top, and .... (this name to be determined - sorry!)... got these shots of her grandfather and objects representing her Iranian heritage.

The Spirit of Unity Show Opening Night part 1

It was a packed opening night for The Spirit of Unity Show at the Ferry Building and the West Vancouver Library. These images are details from Jina Lee's "Harmony" and Jia Seung's "Consensus", both incorporating acrylic on cardboard. Go to the show to see the rest of these awesome artworks.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Need More Canadians

this oil painting by Charles Fiddian from Gresham's School in Holt is awesome but NOT CANDADIAN! its posted here to encourage Canadian Kids to enter to win the Saatchi Gallery / Sunday Telegraph Art Prize for Schools for 2010. any age up to 18 can enter and the deadline is in early August. the details:

if your school submits, let us know at

Sunday, March 7, 2010


From 2009, Francine Navarro posted this graphic at , and had this to say about it:

"This poster garnered the most attention. It is a response to our growing dependency on technology and society’s weakening connection to their faith. This poster was featured at the Mississauga Images Art Show, and received the Catholic Youth Award for its juxtaposing of technology and religion. The poster was also mass-produced into magnets and distributed throughout the school community. Created with Adobe Illustrator."

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Spirit of Unity Show

this looks to be a cool show featuring all the high schools in West Vancouver. the featured art is by hanna kim and is done in prismacolor. the show is produced in partnership with the West Van Baha'is and the West Van school district. click on the image to read the details.

is your school or district putting on a show? let us know.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Said the Whale Album Cover Entry

our favourite entry from the "Said the Whale" band's album art contest submitted by acire2 and jax. The winning entry and some other entries can be seen at

K8's Cutouts

This was a project in which a 10cm square black piece of paper was cut and the piece flipped on the paper's edge. K8 went a step further and created her own axis for one of the cutouts. it will be several years before K8 is in grade 11, but we liked this piece so much we had to publish it.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

hle boy

this guy is a, ie is two of the images are our favourite details from larger paintings. this guy is our first guy on the blog and also our first from a different school. he can be found at

Rinn's lightpainting

see the whole thing at Rinn's lightpainting slide show

this rinn did some cool stuff on her Ulanbataar blog. she says that is van dusen gardens which makes for the most interesting views of van dusen we have ever seen.