Thursday, February 25, 2010

Said the Whale Album Cover Entry

our favourite entry from the "Said the Whale" band's album art contest submitted by acire2 and jax. The winning entry and some other entries can be seen at

K8's Cutouts

This was a project in which a 10cm square black piece of paper was cut and the piece flipped on the paper's edge. K8 went a step further and created her own axis for one of the cutouts. it will be several years before K8 is in grade 11, but we liked this piece so much we had to publish it.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

hle boy

this guy is a, ie is two of the images are our favourite details from larger paintings. this guy is our first guy on the blog and also our first from a different school. he can be found at

Rinn's lightpainting

see the whole thing at Rinn's lightpainting slide show

this rinn did some cool stuff on her Ulanbataar blog. she says that is van dusen gardens which makes for the most interesting views of van dusen we have ever seen.