Tuesday, January 26, 2010

acire2's portfolio part 6

this surfer is done in marker and bleach. the bleach takes away the marker. the model in the dress is the fabulous kater, wearing her own creation "pride" at a fashion show last year. kater's other stuff for that show was awesome too. her creations were available on the net, likely gone by now.

acire2's portfolio part 5

some mushroom thing by acire2 done at the summer institute. and tropical fruit in strong light and shadow. painting with a definite source of light is awesome.

acire2's portfolio part 4

the top one is a 48"x36" acrylic of chandelier crystals based on a close-up photo by her sister Madeleine. the second is a small 5"x7" acrylic acire2 does of pups - this one a purebred yellow lab with a mutated black ear - one of the PADS dogs. acire2 does these to save for art school so contact her at acire2@gmail.com. interestingly, this painting was basically rejected at portfolio day as competent, but not interesting enough. a pure-bred with a mutated ear not interesting?

acire2's portfolio part 3

some monotones - the drawing of the model is in conte and on large drawing newsprint (such an awesome drawing on such crappy paper!) and the next is pen and ink on paper and is about 30"x30". the model session was done at emily's summer institute for teens. the ink is a fantasy scene incorporating images from several sources including a mini dachshund.

acire2's portfolio part 2

ok, a couple more - the young lady sipping from the cup is the famous hannahv of hannahvmusic on youtube - soon to be featured here. The second is an exercise from emily carr's summer institute for teens and is painting and collage. that summer institute is highly recommended. These artworks are big and bold.

acire2's portfolio part 1

ok, its late and we are trying to post a bunch of images of part of a cool portfolio submitted to emily carr. we hear this student got early portfolio acceptance after portfolio day - in part based on these images. the hallway from San Fransisco is about 30x30" and done in pencil crayon. the painting below called "they never change" is large - about 48x60". Keep em coming everyone! canadaschooleh@gmail.com

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


from Madeleine in BC, a print from negative of a scene at Granville Island in Vancouver, BC, about 10" x 8". the crosshairs are a bit spooky. another eh+ from our crew.

Keep the submissions coming folks, but remember, only the best will be posted!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

first artwork

submitted by acire2 from BC. digital photo using lightpainting to create a peace sign and altered with text. near Silva Bay, BC. 3888 x 2522 pixels. do lets give it our first award for being first up: it gets an eh+ from us!

some guidelines:

you should be a student in a grade 11 or 12 program in Canada, or a Canadian student elsewhere. when we get organized, we will accept from all ages K-12 with some form of parent participation. you don't have to be an "art" student.

the work should be your best.

the work should be something you could show your grandmother, even if she doesn't get it.

we at Canada School Eh like drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, music, video... pretty much everything.

not everything will be posted. we promise to respect all work submitted.

send us good quality images. send an artist's statement. we make fun of artist statements. send some details like size, materials, techniques.

send us your first and last name, your school's name, your city and province. last names and schools will not be published, although first names and provinces will be. we can publish under any name you want as long as it is unique.

amaze us.

waiting, waiting

hey, its 6:19 AM here in Vancouver and this site has been up for several minutes now. where is everyone?

if you want to see something, please email me stuff to post here.