Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Spirit of Unity Show Opening Night part 6

More big inkjet on acetate prints of some excellent photography in this series called "Separate Grounds".

Soraiya Salemohamed took the top three of cherished subjects.

Hana Turner used Elvis to show her love for music in the photo on the bottom left.

Alexandra Crone's artist statement tells how she pulled most of her family together to participate and in doing so, heard some new stories.

Sadly, its not clear to us to which artist the middle print belongs! Sometimes we are a bit slow. Maybe this ambiguity is intentional?

The Spirit of Unity Show Opening Night part 5

These two sets of works contrast in a big way. The softness of the babe and the piercing look of the eyes...

Joyce Yang Song did these three sweet paintings of her baby sister. They are strong in a graphicky way, have a street-art-sprayed look to the facial features, and are very fine in the decorative part of the head - look closely!

Detail of the eyes from Erica Phillips' contribution has very fine images of people in the iris and elsewhere - again, look closely. If only we could learn to focus a camera better.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Spirit of Unity Show Opening Night part 4

Linda Jeong's "Where are you from?" at the top was done in acrylic on illustration board. What we thought were collage body parts are actually painted in very fine detail (maybe one or two are collaged eyeballs or lips?) This one has to be seen in person as, again, our photo barely captures its power.

Jia Seung's Consensus uses a shocked self portrait to get her message across that unity doesn't preclude the individual. Its done in mixed media and a detail image appeared in part 1 of this series.

The Spirit of Unity Show Opening Night part 3

Another favourite from the show: Kate Holley's "A Poem for Us" written out and arranged by line in button art. Excuse the poor photograph we took - this piece, as they say, "popped". Thankfully she wrote the poem in a more traditional manner as her artist statement - we used it as a form of training wheels to go back to the buttons and have another look. The detail image shows how some of the text is very inventively portrayed.

The Spirit of Unity Show Opening Night part 2

These large scale inkjet on acetate photo prints were done by students from Mulgrave School and collectively were called "Separate Grounds".

They hang loose from clips fastened to the wall and project themselves on the wall behind from the display lights. It gives them a 3D quality that immediately caught our eye across the room. All of the "Separate Grounds" photos at the show just grabbed our attention the same way.

MC De Beer did the ones at the top, and .... (this name to be determined - sorry!)... got these shots of her grandfather and objects representing her Iranian heritage.

The Spirit of Unity Show Opening Night part 1

It was a packed opening night for The Spirit of Unity Show at the Ferry Building and the West Vancouver Library. These images are details from Jina Lee's "Harmony" and Jia Seung's "Consensus", both incorporating acrylic on cardboard. Go to the show to see the rest of these awesome artworks.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Need More Canadians

this oil painting by Charles Fiddian from Gresham's School in Holt is awesome but NOT CANDADIAN! its posted here to encourage Canadian Kids to enter to win the Saatchi Gallery / Sunday Telegraph Art Prize for Schools for 2010. any age up to 18 can enter and the deadline is in early August. the details:

if your school submits, let us know at

Sunday, March 7, 2010


From 2009, Francine Navarro posted this graphic at , and had this to say about it:

"This poster garnered the most attention. It is a response to our growing dependency on technology and society’s weakening connection to their faith. This poster was featured at the Mississauga Images Art Show, and received the Catholic Youth Award for its juxtaposing of technology and religion. The poster was also mass-produced into magnets and distributed throughout the school community. Created with Adobe Illustrator."

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Spirit of Unity Show

this looks to be a cool show featuring all the high schools in West Vancouver. the featured art is by hanna kim and is done in prismacolor. the show is produced in partnership with the West Van Baha'is and the West Van school district. click on the image to read the details.

is your school or district putting on a show? let us know.