Saturday, October 30, 2010

Apple for Teacher

MinaE from Vancouver posted this beautiful,creepy drawing called "An Apple For The Teacher" Just in time for us to post for Halloween.


Gloves Fly

We just love this photo with all the action and movement. The sticks fly too.

The caption: "In the dying seconds the boys have done it, down 2 game to 0 they have overcome all odds."

Anonymous from Wilcox, found in

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Paperclips atop the world's largest cyclotron

Ali Lambert was the local favourite after a photowalk at TRIUMPH near UBC. Another TRIUMPH entry won the international competition for photographers who applied to visit the worlds' cyclotrons.

From Flicker...

Photographer: Ali Lambert
Laboratory: TRIUMF

This image won first place in TRIUMF's local competition. Atop the world's largest cyclotron at TRIUMF, paperclips experience some fringe magnetic field and stand upright, dancing atop the table's surface. High-school student Ali Lambert artfully captured this iconic experience of all visitors to TRIUMF.

Which high school? Does anyone know?

Flickr wants us to link back to them, so not knowing what that means, here's the link...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lost and Found Autumn 2010

We at CanadaSchool aren't the most organized. We found these great images but lost track of their origin.

The robot sculpture came from Woodstock Collegiate Institute in Ontario. Some quick Googling reveals the school's art archive, but then we got lazy and couldn't find the original image.

The spooky painting had a California reference, so it might not be Canadian. Nonetheless, its so cool it qualifies as honourary status.

If you know anything about them, get in touch with us.

My Rights vs Yours

The moustache - what a great symbol!

Hannah has an interesting story about her experience with authority imposing its will over display of her art. Some thought her piece was too insensitive to display outside of art class, and maybe so. It culminated with a protest at her school in which the students wore fake moustaches in solidarity with her. This happened about a year ago, so the time for a repeat protest is drawing near.

Although USA based, what happened to Hannah is something that will happen to all artists at some point. Its great that she had that experience and even greater that she shared and sparked a movement. The whole creative arts slamming into the issue of rights vs responsibilities thing.

Lets do the protest again this year? Someone pick a day. Like on some significant INTERNATIONAL free speech day or the first school-day after.

Message to Hannah - get in touch with us for an update. We assume you are still in high school, but as we are Canadian, we have no idea what sophomore means or what comes after!

Her side of the story...!/group.php?gid=216180135931&v=info

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Top OCAD Entrance Scholarship Winner 2010

Congratulations to Maxwell Hyett of Kingston, Ontario. He walked into OCAD with the top entrance scholarship waiting for him. This is according to the article in the Kingston Whig-Standard...

His experience goes to show how important portfolio day can be.

Photo of Max credit goes to Christine Blais of the Kingston Whig-Standard.

A quick perusal of the Canadian entries at yielded these two images. We liked iwrotehaiku's "Originality is Lost in the Wash" washing machines because they look like giant cameras all lined up. Ama Indeewari's style is so strong and the colours to bright that we couldn't resist bloggin this piece "Leisure". Both these artists have a few more posted and are worth seeing. has much more - writing, opinion, reviews, and program guides. Check it out.