Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Rights vs Yours

The moustache - what a great symbol!

Hannah has an interesting story about her experience with authority imposing its will over display of her art. Some thought her piece was too insensitive to display outside of art class, and maybe so. It culminated with a protest at her school in which the students wore fake moustaches in solidarity with her. This happened about a year ago, so the time for a repeat protest is drawing near.

Although USA based, what happened to Hannah is something that will happen to all artists at some point. Its great that she had that experience and even greater that she shared and sparked a movement. The whole creative arts slamming into the issue of rights vs responsibilities thing.

Lets do the protest again this year? Someone pick a day. Like on some significant INTERNATIONAL free speech day or the first school-day after.

Message to Hannah - get in touch with us for an update. We assume you are still in high school, but as we are Canadian, we have no idea what sophomore means or what comes after!

Her side of the story...!/group.php?gid=216180135931&v=info

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