Tuesday, January 12, 2010

some guidelines:

you should be a student in a grade 11 or 12 program in Canada, or a Canadian student elsewhere. when we get organized, we will accept from all ages K-12 with some form of parent participation. you don't have to be an "art" student.

the work should be your best.

the work should be something you could show your grandmother, even if she doesn't get it.

we at Canada School Eh like drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, music, video... pretty much everything.

not everything will be posted. we promise to respect all work submitted.

send us good quality images. send an artist's statement. we make fun of artist statements. send some details like size, materials, techniques.

send us your first and last name, your school's name, your city and province. last names and schools will not be published, although first names and provinces will be. we can publish under any name you want as long as it is unique.

amaze us.

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