Wednesday, April 4, 2012

So You Want to ... go to ESA

Hey, two students from the Etobicoke School of the Arts are doing alright in the National Gallery Contest, but both need your votes to crack the top 12: Matt Ledwidge's Landscape-tools and Alex Bailey's Regent Park One are almost too mature for this stage of the competition where (after friends and family are pressed into making their likes known) the public votes tend to consume the most easily digestible pieces. Anyways, Matt got in touch with us and directed us to ESA's site where we learned that he and Alex were entered into the makeart competition. We were pretty pumped to realize their entries were part of our personal top 12 entries. Matt - don't be subtle - ask for a like - ya gotta be obvious! Again, we don't like artist statements, but theirs are good at supporting their own artworks. ESA can be found at


  1. why dont you like artist statements?

  2. We think the art piece should speak for itself. If a piece needs the artist statement, then the work seems incomplete. Also, the physical proximity in a gallery is awkward as one has to get close to read the statement, but stand back to view the piece correctly. Perhaps an electronic catalogue should be available so a statement or some other background would be available, especially before going to the gallery. All that said, we once read a review/statement that made all the difference. The work was pages of paper written upon with pencil, then rubbed out. Not much to look at, but when we found out that the artist recorded their grandparent's conversations, then deleted them to represent their loved-one's failing memory, well, that got to us.